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    Ben Jauma
    July 22, 2021

    I had a positive experience with Ambient Solar. I researched 3 companies, (had 3 sit down visits) and I got the best interest rate on a 20 year loan from a Ambient verses a higher rate at 25 years from the 2 others. The install was quick and professional. Net metering was discussed at length meaning the need to build up credits for the summer. My bill has been the minimum hook up charge from NVE even with the 115 heat we had in June. I'd recommend speaking with Ambient if you are interested in solar.

    David Bartosh
    January 12, 2022

    I always wait about six months before I sit down to write a review for a services company. I like to make sure we know what to expect from the company in the event post-sale support is required. This job was completed in the spring of 2021, so I've had more time to think about the job and the company... We met Ambient Solar as the installer/engineering company that designed and installed our rooftop solar system. Their services were re-sold through a partner, but this review is (mostly) not about that job. They also designed an upgrade to our HVAC system. I told them I wanted quality equipment first, highly efficient equipment second, and the quietest system available was the last criteria. When they came back with a Bosch system I had to do some research. I know the appliance brand well (our previous home remodel included all-Bosch appliances) but wasn't aware how long they've been in the HVAC industry. Turns out in Europe they have a 30+ year history with these systems, and they've been available in the US for only about 8 years (if I recall correctly). We purchased two new 20 SEER Bosch IDS 2.0 condenser units with matching cased coils and 96% efficient gas furnaces. This included permitting, old equipment removal, installation of new equipment and testing of the new system. They also had to move the old system (and all related hookups) out of the attic and back into the original HVAC closet because that previous "upgrade" was not properly permitted, and that job was very much not up to code (our home inspector warned us about this). What sold us on this solution was the 78 speed variable fan (so there's almost always some air movement in the house), and the condensers also act in reverse, as a heat pump, in cool (but not near freezing) conditions so you don't use any natural gas to heat your house until the outside temperature reaches 39 degrees! I have to say the house temperature has been perfect since the system was installed (note: we use Nest smart thermostats integrated into our home security system so it goes into "saving" mode when nobody's at home and also while we sleep!). From the time we accepted their proposal to the installation of the units, they were in constant communication with us as things changed. We were a couple of parts away from being ready to install the system and they ended up DRIVING from Las Vegas to Phoenix (or was it Tuscon, but does that really matter?) to pick up those parts for us! Tim Turner (sales), David Turpin (sales VP), and Zach Schweitzer (installer) were all amazing and very professional throughout the process. We had a small issue with the condensation drain requiring a pump, and where that pump needed a replacement. They were on it within a couple of days and we have had ZERO problems since. Adding to this the quality of our 14.26KW solar installation and I would highly recommend Ambient Solar for either purpose. They stand behind their products and services, having paid separately and out of their own pocket to repair the brand new roof tiles that were damaged during the solar system installation. Be professional and courteous with them and they will do the same for you. Between the solar system and the MUCH more efficient HVAC system we haven't paid more than the hookup costs ($13.50 per month) since the work was completed! That's down from an annual average of $209.60 per month! I do highly recommend Ambient Solar for both your solar and HVAC projects.

    Maria Ibarra
    July 26, 2021

    I have gone through 4 inverters. System always goes down in the dead of summer when the sun is at its peak. I’ve tried getting the system removed because it’s a complete LEMON, but you can’t unless you pay the whole thing off. Not worth the risk to pay over $25k for something that might work but might not for months at a time. It has been a nightmare. I think, in total, my system has been out of service for about 5 months. I don’t recommend solar AT ALL. It’s a scam. I don’t even save money. It actually costs me more to have the system.

    DamDaniel TV
    October 02, 2021

    3 months with downed solar panels 3 energy bills plus paying panel loan almost $800 monthly bill and they haven’t fixed my issues biggest mistake of my life

    Kevin Weigel
    October 12, 2020

    Ambient solar is the best around. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Their installers are polite, efficient and we had our solar up and running in no time for a great deal too. The sales process was easy too. Do yourself a favor and get your solar installed from Ambient.

    Ambient Solar Energy

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    3430 W Sunset Rd suite a, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA

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