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    Toni Moore
    July 07, 2021

    I don't know who they're paying for these 5 star reviews, but this whole encounter at the mental health clinic was a joke. The clerks were great, but the doctors and sorry excuses for NP's are pretty much useless as they won't even read basic paperwork. Forget any past diagnoses you've gotten because they don't care. I can't imagine discrediting a better VA doctor that's already given a proper diagnoses and taken the time to administer tests and offer appropriate treatment so you can back up your NP that's quick to just throw out scripts and boot you out the door as fast as possible on a first time walk-in when that's not even what I wanted. Great "rapport" you're building.

    Darell Eddings
    February 06, 2019

    Called Va Hospital Operator for a phone number. The operator hung the phone up, claiming, he was having a hard time hearing me. Operator was very short tempered and impatient. Also this isn't the first time I encountered this type of service. I'm applauded at the service that is afforded to men and women that has served our country. Individuals such as the operator answering the phone or any other service afforded to public service, should be retrained or terminated immediately .

    Nick Hemmesch
    February 08, 2019

    I have been using this VA facility since it was opened. I have had much better care than I have received at other civilian facilities here in Las Vegas. I have been treated very promptly and with courtesy.

    Tim Brennan
    April 18, 2019

    The VA provided me with a contaminated prescription for 36 days prior to telling me to stop taking the drug. They appear to buy drugs and medical devices from unregulated countries, like China and India. I hope they stop this unsafe practice. Vets need their medicines to be free of carcinogens.

    Gentian S. Nikoliqi
    March 15, 2019

    I moved back from overseas, just so I can get treatments and prescription from VA. I moved to Las Vegas, but it was a mistake not staying in Texas! The difference that veterans get from El Paso VA to the Las Vegas VA is like the difference between the day and night. I don't know why I trusted the doctor to measure my blood pressure with their personal cheap blood pressure wrist unit which is not approved by VA. I got a catastrophic reading and that same reading was recorded in system! Dr. also goes to consult with someone and comes back telling me that's not going to prescribe the medication I was in for 9 years! I asked to go and check the blood pressure with a different unit the VA has there for you, where I get a reasonable readings. When we go back to his office he just says "Well I made up my mind and in not prescribing it."!!! How can a doctor that works in a federal building, a federal employee, suggest Marijuana? I said in my first appointment that I'm not interested in Marijuana even if it was the option, because I'll will not be able to get a federal job after. Today I was asked again! Do you suggest everyone to try Marijuana? If that is allowed in the state of Nevada, does not mean that's right for you to suggest it to patients, especially you as a federal employee! Just go to Palo Alto as someone suggested in their reviews here, or just move to Texas; that's where you will feel that you've done something for this country. They will make things happen. If you're a veteran does not mean that you've died. You'll be treated with dignity and respect. The first day of your inprocessing, they will say that you don't need to move if you don't get the treatment, you can change the provider, but that is not true. From one facility I went to the other one for help, but if you want to see a different doctor, that is not going to happen. You'll get the message through the nurse, which is basically kicking you out. You're "cleared"! Of course your blood pressure will elevate when a 100% disabled veteran in his mid 30s has to go through this Las Vegas VA autocracy. ..and if I had a very high blood pressure, why the ER Dr did not give me a dose of blood pressure medicine, but instead "cleared" me without even meeting me? There are good doctors and nurses, but if the Veteran does not get the help needed, whats the point for having a VA? Anyways, keep covering your @$$ and don't get it up that $1200 Herman Miller chair paid by my taxes, while you get a $$$$$$ digit income. MH department, you're the sadnesses that veterans get, and the shame of the Veteran Affairs clinics in Las Vegas. As for me, I have to seek help overseas and get the medication illegally and pay for it, instead getting the treatment for free. P. S.: Dr Fry, please retire and let veterans get treatments from those who don't need to look and find the key in keyboard. (If you know how to navigate until this section). I mean it.

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