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    AARP Gamer
    September 26, 2021

    If you choose this business I sincerely hope your experience is positive. Unfortunately my visit just created delays and avoidable stress. My wife is an RN with COVID patients and during the initial lockdown I delayed treatment for an abscess molar in an area where a crown had separated. At the time we put the folks around us above ourselves. By the time I made it to the dentist the tooth could not be saved, I had a cavity and needed a cleaning. My sister works as a hygienist in a San Diego office and due to scheduling and time I just wanted this dentist to clean my teeth, remove the dead tooth and fill the cavity. My sisters office would catch me up on any additional work as I could schedule. I was willing to pay cash but have insurance. Unfortunately they did everything but listen and I walked out the second visit because the receptionist couldn't listen to my needs and just lectured me about insurance. I didn't care about insurance as I tried to explain a dozen times but she just kept cutting me off and acted like a scolding mother. If your my age you know the routine and this dental office felt like a car dealership. It sucks the tooth has drove me nuts. They cost me a lot of time. But they will resolve the issue in San Diego in a couple of weeks. IMHO if you need a need a new pretty smile these folks might work for you. But I recommend seeing a regular low overhead dentist first and get a referral.

    Stephanie Lloyd
    June 23, 2021

    Azimi does great work. He worked on me free hand and it came out pretty good. I was really impressed. The pricing is pretty good too for the work/attentiveness.

    Andrew Risso
    May 24, 2021

    I would've enjoyed giving a raving review, but unfortunately, other than the Dentist himself, the rest of the office doesn't warrant it. On 01/27/21, I went in for the options on what set of lower dentures I wanted to have relined. We decided on the newest set, which in the craftsmanship of them by another dentist, was praised by Dr Azimi. He had a soft reline applied, which felt good at the time, until I ate, then they were totally useless. I would've gone back in immediately, but I had just paid $350 on my CC for it since they said that I would have to. Then they would bill my insurance company and pay me the difference back. Well, here it is (4) months later and still nothing. And when I call up, Ms. Sadina or however you want to spell it, it completely unprofessional saying that they sent it in and there nothing they can do. I just received a statement from the Insurance company, which of course generated another call into her. This time I explained that it was obvious what they problem is, the office tried to bill the insurance company twice. And not only did they down that, but at the time of the service they had told me they gave me a deal at $350, yet billed the insurance company $683.00, TWICE!! Her response? "Well you call them on your end and I'll call them on mine. I did so and after a lengthy conversation with the insurance company, I was told that they had replied numerous times to the office telling them that they did not provide the proper information. Well I called the office again and asked if she had spoken to them, and she said, "No, I got tired of waiting after 40 minutes". Well, I'd waited longer than that but to me it was important. I guess not to their office. I called the insurance company again and informed them of what they charged me and that apparently they are doubling the amount quoted to me as well and trying to bill them twice. Needless to say, I am out the $350 dollars I paid, and still have a set of lowers that I can only use when I die so that at least in my coffin I'll look good since I wont need to eat with them. Just beware of their billing department, Dr Azimi is good, professional and friendly, but his Staff needs work. I would've gone back, but not ready for more of my money to go out, that's why I have insurance, I THOUGHT!. AKRisso

    Tony Williams
    April 18, 2021

    The service here is absolutely wonderful. The entire staff is outstanding and Dr. Azimi is extremely proficient and really takes the time to educate his patients. The front office staff offered excellent customer service. The absolute Best Dental care I've experienced here in Las Vegas.

    Daniel Stewart
    August 26, 2021

    I Have a broken tooth. I Went in for a Price. Doc asked if I Hurt. I Said Yes. He looks at my tooth and its obvious that there's a problem. He then takes a little meatal HAMMER and BANG BANG BANG. Then he asked "Did that Hurt". Oh Boy did it hurt. It hurt so dang bad. It made me pretty angry. Then after he hits my teeth he gave me my quote of 2500 for a rout canal and crown from bottom left muller.

    Dr Azimi DDS

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