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    Roman Mara
    January 13, 2022

    I attended the academy for over 12 years, and it was most certainly not worthwhile. The school owner, Kevin, does not treat his students or employees well (just check Indeed for employee reviews). He makes some of his own instructors pay for their children’s class attendance and does not even pay them for teaching. He makes some students, most of which are kids, teach without compensation or so much as a discount. His performance team is made up of kids that receive none of the money he makes off of performing, and he doesn’t even let us keep our tips. He also can be aggressive, due to his ego, and has injured students as a result, myself included. He became frustrated with me during a class once and threw me forcefully to teach me a lesson, breaking my toe. He elbowed another student in the head (no helmet), during a heated sparring match. He uses intimidation tactics to make us do what he wants, and is incredibly disrespectful to students that leave the studio, saying negative things about them once they’re gone. The martial arts itself is not terrible, but certainly needs improvement and is taught poorly. Decent for beginners, but not somewhere where one can expect to advance much. I hope this review helps someone else choose a better studio. Thank you.

    James Meyer
    January 17, 2022

    I'm the gut that used to call all martial arts ""Karate" That was before I joined the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. Now that I am here I am a lot more informed about the different styles of martial arts that are available. However, this review is not about the actual martial arts at all but more about the people and instructors at the Kung Fu Academy. We had a bad experience with another martial arts school last year so I made sure to do a little more research before signing up the kiddos for this class. Lucky for us they offered a free trial class so I had the chance to sign up and see how the classes were run before agreeing to any membership contract. At first, I had misgivings because the instructors here don’t talk to the kids in a cutesy fun way. Instead, they treat them like mini-adults. The way they speak is more the tone and body language than the actual words themselves. I saw how the kids responded and realized that it is all about discipline. The instructors here don’t baby and coddle the kids. Instead, everyone is expected to do their best and is called out if they don’t try hard. What I really love about this school is Instructor Kevin, he is strict but not aggressively demanding or cold. He obviously loves teaching and believes in the benefits that martial arts have to offer. These are the things that made me want to sign up the kids in the first place, discipline, and respect. He is extremely organized and efficient which I am very grateful for. The classes are taught very well and run like clockwork. I can see that the kids love the environment and their instructors very much and though the tuition is a bit steep, I believe I am definitely getting my money's worth. I highly recommend the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy for anyone who wants real discipline and change in their kids.

    Ushko Mi
    October 30, 2021

    Absolutely the best martial arts studio in Henderson/Vegas! Instructor Renee and Instructor Renee are WONDERFUL!!! They hold the students accountable and truly encourage them to grow and continue forward. SEVERAL different options...from Judo to Tai Chi to Lion Dancing Troup and so much more! We have been with this studio for 7 years now and can't imagine going anywhere else. Their prices are very reasonable and the more classes you're interested in, the better. My son started here when he was 4 yrs old and even I have taken classes here (let's just say: adult :D ). Classes for all ages and interests :)

    Daniel Burton
    January 14, 2022

    This is a response to Roman Mara’s review of the Kung Fu Academy. I am one of the instructors here who Roman is referring to as being unpaid workers. I don’t feel like I am an unpaid worker, far from it in fact. I have a totally different perspective. I approached Instructor Kevin about enrolling at the Kung Fu Academy about 3 months ago. I have experience in martial arts ( Aikido) and when I told Instructor Kevin about it and how I would have a hard time affording classes, He immediately offered to let me help out with kids classes in exchange for tuition. I jumped at the chance! Since then I have been attending 4 times a week consistently and I just love it. I have even enrolled in the leadership class. It is a special class for those wanting to improve their communication skills and who want to help teach at the Kung Fu Academy. It is an invite-only class, and the students who are in there are the best and most motivated within the school. From my experience with Aikido, learning to teach others is an essential step toward mastery, after all, teaching martial arts techniques compels me to remember all of the details involved. I feel that in order to be really good at martial arts you must know how to teach it. I also feel that the opportunity given to me to be an instructor here is an honor. One of the benefits of learning martial arts is that you learn personal responsibility. When I was in Japan I observed school children at the local elementary clean the entire school daily. It might surprise people in America that Japanese schools have no janitors. All cleaning is done by students. This was not a martial arts school but this is the kind of responsibility that Asian cultures and martial arts training teaches you. It is not the teacher's responsibility to get you to learn. That responsibility is on you alone. The teacher is just a guide. From the day I enrolled, I have seen that at this school ALL students are required to teach their fellow students or help them if they can. Even the second rank yellow belts are expected to come to the front of the class and lead a warmup. That is the culture here at the Kung Fu Academy. I know Instructor Kevin feels strongly about having each and every student learn to teach techniques. This type of culture of personal responsibility is not for everyone If you think that an instructor has anything to do with how good you get or that you cannot learn from another student then martial arts training is not for you. I feel it is incredibly arrogant and, frankly, ungrateful for Roman to feel like he should have gotten paid in addition to his free tuition because he would help out lower-ranking students. This is the exact opposite of what martial arts training should do for you. This kind of entitlement does not belong in martial arts.

    Elizaveta Zhdanova
    December 06, 2021

    We wanted to thank instructor Kevin for greeting with kindness and warmth in his heart at his school . It was pleasure to meet his wonderful wife Rene . We were honoured to join tai chi lesson that we were always wanted to try . And guess what ? We will never stop doing tai chi from now. Thank you so much for inviting us to the class . Instructor Kevin, Rene and all the students were welcoming for Dariaslava and Elizabega 😘 We will come back once we back to the nice city of Las Vegas . Thank you 🙏🏻 With much respect . Tai chi Students : Elizabega and Dariaslava

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