Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center

4700 Las Vegas Blvd N, Nellis AFB, NV 89191, USA

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    Mariah Neale
    July 27, 2021

    Labor and delivery was stellar. Everyone was super sweet, understanding and professional. Love that they're always open in case of emergencies unlike most bases. All around great at what they do!

    michelle valenzuela-waer
    August 30, 2021

    My husband was seen for a back injury. He wasnt able to get off our garage floor to walk to our car so EMS transported him. He was not taken very seriously and was given medications he already had at home and discharged because they saw he could hobble to the restroom after he got a few different medications. Prior to discharge he was told imaging wasn’t necessary and was diagnosed with a “lumbar sprain”. He asked the PHYSICIAN for Hot packs and was told by Dr. Osak, “we are pretty busy, that’ll take too long”. (All anyone had to do was walk to the supply closet for some heat packs! he could have activated and placed them on his back by himself). - his discharge paperwork recommended applying heat packs… but you couldn’t take the time to throw one at him??? Upon his d/c he was told you’ll need to walk to the pharmacy to pick up your meds. Mind you the man is hunched over with his legs wanting to give out and in pain. He explained to the RN caring for him that he couldn’t walk to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions (as they expected Him too) the reply was “do you have a ride home” zero concern. I can not believe the “care” he received today. They should be ashamed. If something wasn’t wrong he wouldn't have gone to an ED, he would have utilized his PCP… who wants to go to the ED for no reason especially a military ED with poor care!?

    Amber Martin
    August 14, 2021

    At the ER, I came in with pain in my ear. They looked briefly with an otoscope and didn't see anything so I was sent home with nothing... three times. I was taking tylenol and advil every day, more than the maximum daily dose and it was barely touching the pain. My husband came with me the forth time, because I was crying on the couch in pain and he wanted them to figure out what was wrong. They were going to send me home again until my husband asked for patient advocacy. Then the doctor gave me a shot of "amped up ibuprofen". The pain went away for about 5 minutes. The refered me to the ENT. The ENT did some tests, ended up putting a tube in, even though he didn't see anything. Didn't help (obviously). Another incident, I needed a refill of my thyroid medicine, which I have been on for over 7 years. My PCM called me to verify and by that time I had three pills left. He said that he was not comfortable refilling this prescription (even though he had personally filled it with 90 days worth and 2 refills each time at least three times prior) because it isn't safe. He said that it isn't FDA approved, it isn't regulated, and that the endocrinologist that used to be one base (about 10 years ago from what I researched) told his attending that it is not safe so don't prescribe it. All of that is FALSE. I have studied the thyroid function and medicine for about 7 years now. I have researched different prescriptions and how patients react to them. This medication is FDA approved, which means it is regulated and safe. Even better, this prescription is listed on our formulary. He refused to fill it, referring me to an endocrinologist. Then he wouldn't write a bridge prescription to get me to my appointment. My endocrinologist, whom I had seen previously and he sent me back to my PCM for treatment because I was stable on this prescription (as I was for three years before I had seen him originally), confirmed that I was still stable and it was absolutely the best medication for me. On a side note, my endocrinologist had put me on Vitamin D previously because I am Vit D deficient. My PCM took me off Vit D without running any blood work. By the time I went back to the endocrinologist (about three months later) I was severely deficient again. Also, my PCM gave me a prescription for potassium because I was very slightly deficient. My endocrinologist took me off of that because it could have been fixed by just eating a banana.

    Dale Combs
    July 06, 2021

    CMSGT Ret. Staying at Fam Camp when wife's heart went out of rhythm. Brought her to ER where they diagnosed and intervened. Transferred to ward for observation then ICU for better observation. Treated her conservatively and with upmost concern. Every team member professional and courteous. Makes me proud to have a connection to the USAF.

    Vegas HotFlash
    March 01, 2021

    03-01-2021 CONSTRUCTION 🚧 ALERT 🚨: they are remodeling the Emergency Room. It has moved to the right (if you are looking at the ER) in temporary buildings. We have come here for our medical care since we moved to Las Vegas in 2013. Advocate for yourself always and take charge of YOUR health yourself. The medical center is a tool in your tool kit. If you are here your spouse, your parent or you have served - you KNOW how the military works. People who complain about the way it is run amaze me. You will get top notch state of the art care.

    Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center

    Our Address

    4700 Las Vegas Blvd N, Nellis AFB, NV 89191, USA


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