Nightmare Toys

1309 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

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    Scott VanScoy
    November 25, 2021

    This review is based off my order and personal experience. What drew me to this company was the overall positive reviews and amazing selection they have. I placed a single order for 4 Halloween Kills masks from Nightmare Toys this month. The shipping was free but would have rather paid for shipping to have avoided what happened. Their shipper crammed four full size masks into a box that I personally don’t use to ship a single full size mask in. Two of the masks were damaged and warped beyond any hair dryer repair & I put almost 3-4 hours in salvaging the other two and they are not 100%. I have ordered masks before so to be fair I understand they are also at the mercy of the company shipping masks to them as well. It is not uncommon to have to take take heat to correct a mask but this was packaged and boxed by them. The masks came roll up like a cigar. This particular mask has a burnt hair finish that is very hard to correct once warped. Email to the company bringing the situation to their attention has gone unanswered and that was more of a heartbreaker considering how much I love what they do. I really hope this was just a one off and isn’t common practice or occurrence. I would consider giving them a second chance if they would simply reach out. I’m not looking for discounts, trolling, refunds, freebies, or doing nasty reviews. Again I’m just sharing what happened. I’m just looking to do business. As far as collectibles, variety, & being unique this company is amazing.

    Daniel Enslin
    October 07, 2021

    I live in SC and was looking at some items online. Had to come to Vegas for work, and found out the store was here. Great staff, awesome collection of items. Will definitely order more online after visiting the store.

    Madeline 21
    November 02, 2021

    Cool place to go to! So many wonderful horror themed everything there! Most of all their merch is super cool! I would recommend if you're a big horror film fan!

    Nevada Rogers
    December 09, 2021

    Love horror and they have lots of goodies. I could go broke here but in a good way

    October 19, 2021

    Would love a reply back on the contact form I filled out the other day or call back for the status of my order placed on the 11th of October. It says it is 'on hold' and we are really hoping to get this before Halloween day. The telephone on google and website doesn't ring but says, 'it's busy.' Wanting to get this resolved and also know why it is 'on hold.' Thanks

    Nightmare Toys

    Our Address

    1309 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

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