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    Okesha Swingler
    July 28, 2020

    Peter Mike and tower amazing my phone ring exactly at 10 AM and the guys are on their way I’ve had such a bad moving experience in the past that I was nervous going to the day but Peter and his team rapidly show me that I have nothing to worry about the expertly and quickly wrapped and loaded everything very professional.

    A.M. vlog
    July 27, 2020

    My husband and I chose to move from Virginia (husband was stationed at Fort Myer in Virginia) to Las Vegas. We chose this moving company because I was medically discharged from the Army and I phsyically couldnt help with moving much. Also, COVID19 started to be a thing and we didnt feel right asking others to help. We sold most of our things and didnt have much to move, honestly. We had about 20 large boxes (mostly clothes and blankets and such) 3 TVs , couch, armchair, and my husbands dj equipment. The movers got into an accident on their way to our apartment (still a day late) ..and charged us an extra 300 something dollars for their mistakes. Came hours late with no notice. Never checked in , we had to call. Their window of time started at about 3pm. If I remembered correctly, and it was nightime by the time they showed. Came unprepared without tools like a dolly to move, only ONE person moving us out of an apartment thats on the third floor ,and we did our part by informing them we lived on the third floor of our apartment building. Also, they had incorrect packling list which cause me to scramble around 10p.m. to different stores trying to find bubble wrap and things to wrap our t.v.'s with. Another sum extra money we were not planning to spend. Came hours late with no notice. Never checked in , we had to call. Complained the whole time out loud. My husband did half of the work moving our things with Robert. Disrupting our neighbors at the early hours of the morning. Talking louder than necessary(the driver) Came a day later than the alotted time window which could have caused us a lot of turmoil with our leasing office. Also, the driver , really tall ,big guy, his butt crack was always out..and he told us that he would not help us with certain like 2 a.m. argued with me so unprofessionally and ended up helping anyway because it was his job to in the first place. Complained that they needed to be in another state in a couple hours. Both times my husband offered to help move with his bad back because the driver would not help because he was staying to protect the truck. Drop off. Came late AGAIN. Said they "got lost" when literally it pretty much one road to get here . Came unprepared AGAIN. Stated that their packing list may have flew out the the window at some point. Asked us for our packing list. Didn't know that taking the legs off of furniture lets you fit into doorways easier Husband helped with moving furniture again.(he offered both times because the driver would not help) Driver stated it was under the weight The driver was an absolute stain on the happiness in my life.

    Ana Mackay
    September 20, 2018

    I absolutely don not recommend this company to anybody. Bad service. They messed up the boxes and the furniture. Boxes arrived with holes and were broken (I have the pictures). The headboard of my bed was hit with something and came up with a whack. At the time to claim the insurance, which we paid like the more expensive they offered (50.000 coverage), we never had a response. Since then 3 months have past and we don't know if they will ever have an answer. Nothing is clear in what happened, we simply don't no what to do. I'll keep sleeping on the floor for now.

    Tiffany Moore
    July 09, 2019

    They charged my credit card for several hundred dollars after they had charged my card in full for a guaranteed rate with no explanation as of yet. It's been 2 weeks. Their outside third party company never returned phone calls or emails to assemble our pool table. Our recommendation is - find another moving company.

    Leslie Henderson
    December 19, 2019

    They were very good and reasonable top notch

    North American Van Lines

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    1780 S Mojave Rd Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA

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