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    Suki Li
    December 03, 2021

    I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Dr.Lisa for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. If you were someone like me suffered IVF failure, go to Dr, Lisa!!! She is very knowledgeable and helps you to find the possible reasons for your IVF failure. The most important is that, she can help you to fix these problems in every respect including acupuncture. Don’t expect your IVF doctor can provide you with these helps. Because hey don’t have the same patience, knowledge and dedication. My 3rd retrieval cycle came out with a much better result than my previous 2 cycles after 4months treatment with Dr. Lisa! Now I’m almost 8 months pregnancy. Everything is on track. I feel extremely lucky that I found Dr. Lisa 1yr+ ago. She’s not only helped me with IVF, but also changed my life. I strongly recommend you to take her online lessons, which are beyond worthy.

    Vanessa Lamorte, M.A.
    June 29, 2021

    Dr. Lisa is a fertility genius! I started visiting Dr. Lisa last August after a friend recommended her practice when I shared we were struggling to conceive for three years. It was important to us to try to conceive naturally so my husband and I took her fertility reset online program, learned so much and started to implement the diet and lifestyle changes she suggested. After a month of working on nutrition, managing stress, decreasing endocrine disruptor exposure and one acupuncture visit, we got pregnant! I continued to see Dr. Lisa for prenatal acupuncture visits through my second and third trimester. I had so much energy, slept through the night, no aches or pains and overall had an amazing, smooth pregnancy. I am happy to share that we gave birth to our beautiful, healthy baby boy just three weeks ago. SO much gratitude to Dr.LIsa for her expertise, skill and support!

    Kris T
    April 27, 2021

    We met Dr. Grant after 2 years of trying to conceive; one on our own and a year with a local reproductive endocrinologist (RE). After 8 intense months of injections, ultrasounds, countless lab draws, and 3 failed IUIs, we were desperate for a break. IVF was the next step and we were not ready for that. Not a week after the third failed IUI, my mom forwarded me Dr. Grant’s information. We were able to meet her within the month due to a cancellation and started her recommended changes. At that point, we were tired but willing to make the lifestyle changes she recommended as well as let go of the stress of the past 2 years. After speaking with Dr. Grant we were reassured. She was able to explain exactly what was happening with my cycle and how certain changes can get us back on track. I was glad to meet her at that point in our journey as the stress level was beyond what I would ever imagine and she was willing to tackle it. I felt I handed over all my worries and allowed her treatments to manage our stress. (I was willing to do anything to lessen our stress level and if we could just do that, even without getting pregnant, I would’ve been happy.) I also felt she tailored our treatment plan especially for us – it does not feel like you’re cattle in a factory just being pushed along like at the RE specialist. From the get go, we set goals together – we wanted to do everything as naturally as possible and it finally felt like someone was on our side. We wanted a game plan and she asked us to give her 3 months. If, with all the changes, we could not get pregnant on our own, she had 2 other fertility specialists she recommended, and suggested we try IUI one more time before IVF. I liked that we had a plan A as well as a plan B. Dr. Grant is really passionate about acupuncture and a holistic approach which we appreciated so much after al my body had been through. We loved that she was able to combine Eastern and Western medicine. We felt we had the best of both worlds with her. About 6 weeks after our first treatment, we got a big fat positive. Now, we’ve been down this road before and I nervously texted Dr. Grant when we saw the test. True to form, she had a plan. Because my OB would not do a pregnancy confirmation visit until 8-10 weeks, Dr. Grant would monitor me every 2 weeks until we had a confirmed heartbeat. She was also able to order a couple of HCGs to confirm doubling time and ensure our little baby was growing appropriately. While our PRE-pregnancy journey with her was short, it was her presence during those first 8 weeks when our secret was shared by only 3 people that made all the difference. With each visit, she reassured me the baby was doing well, helped me manage the awful first trimester symptoms like nausea and fatigue, and was an endless resource for food suggestions and symptoms management. I wish everyone would have Dr. Grant available to them during that long wait. Once we got a confirmed heartbeat, I continued to see Dr. Grant every month. She’s also continuing to help manage my gestational diabetes and has been such a support during this time. I would 1000% recommend Dr. Grant to anyone struggling with infertility. She pulled us out of a dark hole and cannot thank her enough for helping us.

    J T
    October 14, 2019

    I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa and the care that she provided me. After suffering with infertility for a year I decided to try acupuncture before moving on to other infertility treatments. Lisa was able to help regulate my cycles and provide tips on lifestyle changes that would maximize the chances of me getting pregnant on my own. After working with her for several months I was able to conceive and I just gave birth to a full term healthy baby! Lisa is competent, compassionate, personable, and is passionate about helping women conceive. I would recommend anybody go see Lisa for acupuncture treatment.

    Elizabeth B
    July 06, 2020

    Lisa Grant, OMD helped me achieve pregnancy naturally in a little over 3 months. I am a heart patient who suffered cardiac arrest in my early 20s and doctors thought the lack of blood flow essentially left my right ovary useless. Prior to seeing Lisa, my husband and I spent a year after getting married trying to get pregnant. We finally did, only to find out the embryo implanted near my only working left ovary. We were devastated not only for the loss but the fear my chances of conceiving were over. Luckily my left tube and ovary were saved but we endured another year of infertility and failed fertility treatments. I know that anyone woman out there suffering from infertility knows, you have point where you feel like you can’t do it anymore, I was there. Don’t give up, step back and listen to what your body needs. I took a break from fertility for me. My body was riddled with hormones, emotionally drained and I needed to get healthy. I reached out to Lisa and from the first phone call, I knew she was a perfect fit. We set up a plan to give Accupuncture and lifestyle changes at least 90 days. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant naturally, we figured after 90 days my body would be ready and my egg quality improved for one last shot at IVF. We planned to start IVF in March and I got pregnant naturally on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I both know I wouldn’t be pregnant right now without the help of Lisa! We are forever grateful for our chance to have a child and are expecting a healthy baby boy!

    Spring Mountains Acupuncture, Fertility & Wellness

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    7381 Prairie Falcon Rd #140, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA

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