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    July 02, 2021

    the doctor here is a really good doctor. Very polite and knowledgeable. But the front office is very unprofessional and rude. change the staff here. And this place will be much better.

    brittany butta
    August 08, 2021

    DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH. The office staff were always pretty good, I went for general family medicine. Almost every time I change doctors and have to tell them over and over again what is wrong even though its in the notes. The last time I went, which is the last time I plan to step foot in the building, 2 male drs. refused to what a female dr. had set in place for me. X-rays, if those were good then move to mri's. They didn't even have my xrays and had to request them after calling and saying they received them. I was told all of my pain was due to my weight even though when I was 50 lbs lighter I had the same issues. Told them I can't get up more than 2 flights of stairs without my knee and leg hurting so bad I have to sit down... but ya know thats my weight and not something that is making my knee swell to 2 times its size. He told me "well yeah its going to kinda hurt after you use it (knee) all day.. " no this is after I wake up in the morning and go down to make coffee. My comments were ignored. I also went in for massive back pain from an injury and some major head pain/dizziness/vomiting/etc and was told to take ibuprofen after telling them over and over I can't take Ibuprofen. Just went in to get MRI ordered and move on to figure out what the hell is wrong. Nope, gotta lose weight and drink water. OH! DON'T FORGET THE COVID VACCINE THEY KEPT TALKING ABOUT! My back is constantly in pain "ok well, are you vaccinated?" Takes a deep breath and back spasms, the pain is right there! "well the vaccine is really recommended"... when I ask about the pain they change topics back to what they won't do and the vaccine. LONG STORY SHORT. Find someone else. I did and my new Dr. already identified that my knee pain is from a slightly torn meniscus and tendon damage that may require repair surgery. I have a brain scan coming up, as my symptoms point towards tumors and warning signs of strokes. My back, got an MRI for that coming up, the running theory is a torn muscle.

    Marie Russell
    May 27, 2021

    What a scam. You are lead to believe that the office visit is affordable. Just over $100. Then they send you a bill for more than a specialist costs. I didn't get labs or procedures done either .

    Jessica Abbott
    May 28, 2021

    This is the worst medical facility I've ever experienced! Stay away!! I guess I should have realized this is a school.. they're still all learning how to be doctors..good luck!

    My Life with Dogs and Dolls
    May 30, 2021

    I have lived in Las Vegas for mite than 14 years and have been blown away by these Doctors. The level of care and the compassion they have displayed has thoroughly rejuvenated my thoughts on Healthcare in Las Vegas. I don't see hiw the last reviews were from the same Office. They git out of their way, the Doctor calls me at home to check up on hiw I was doing. Amd even though it's a "teaching hosoital" feel totally taken care if and don't want to go anywhere else. It's not just the Doctor (Intern seeing me) you are getting input from all of the Doctors that are training them and I and my husband really felt luke they cared about me and him..and something I've never felt here with any Doctor. Ever. So .. do yourself a favor . And meet these Doctors so you have a comparsuin to se3...it will blow tour mind. These Doctors are just getting their speciality so they have a hunger and excitement about everything they're doung and it truly shows they care. That alone is priceless...priceless. remember that. I guarantee you haven't had this experience ever...

    UNLV School of Medicine Family Medicine

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    1524 Pinto Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89106, USA


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