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    Celeste Ramirez
    October 25, 2021

    My Father Ruben works for this company And he's very good at his job ,he's been in the moving business for over 25 years 😊

    James Hamalainen
    July 10, 2020

    Their name keeps changing. AKA "Moving Pro US", formerly "West Coast Movers USA". Search these up for alarming reviews. We hired Moving Pro US (aka US Atlas Movers) for our cross country move, with two deposits totalling $4161.88. They verbally committed to a two day window or 6/11/20 or 6/12/20. During the week of the move, we received a call from them stating that they would come out on 6/11. They never showed up or called on that day. Finally at 5:45pm on 6/12, they called to say that the truck had broke down, but that a manager would call to give us updates and a new pickup day/time. Nobody called. We tried calling them repeatedly, to no avail. Finally, we reached Kenneth A****, moving coordinator for Moving Pro US. He promised that his boss would call us that night or first thing on Saturday, 6/13. Nobody called us. We tried calling ALL the numbers for Moving Pro US, unsuccessfully. Finally, at around noon, we called and cancelled. We rented a Budget truck and started packing. At approx. 1pm, Moving Pro US Logistics person called to tell us that the truck might come out on Sunday or Monday (6/14 or 6/15). I said that we had already cancelled, and that the Moving Pro US truck need not come out. She agreed. Later that afternoon, as we continued to load our truck, a person from Moving Pro US called us to suggest that we continue to load our truck, drive to a hotel, and then they would send out a new truck and crew, transfer our belongings into the new truck, and drive our items cross country. This was an absurd suggestion. I confirmed that we had cancelled the contract, and that a full refund was due. As we drove cross country, I tried calling repeatedly. They would put me on hold indefinitely (60+ minutes) or just hang up. Finally, after a week of calling, I reached their accountant, Sean W*****. He said that we had cancelled outside of the 72 hour window for cancellation. I said that they had verbally committed to the two day window, and missed it. He also claimed that his truck and crew had come out to my address after we had left. He refused to say when they came out exactly. This is a lie. He claimed that the crew had taken pictures of my house to verify that they came out. I asked to see these pictures. He emailed them to me. Upon viewing these pictures, I reluctantly agreed to a partial refund of $1943.23. Two hours later, it occurred to me that the pictures looked strange. I pulled up Google Street View of my address, and guess what? He had sent me screenshots of my address from Google. His crew never came to my address. He lied. Initial deposit: $1943.23 (refunded) Second deposit: $2218.65 (NOT refunded) Total: $4161.88 They need to refund us the second deposit, as they provided no services, were in breach of the contract, and were deceptive in sending evidence of their claim to providing services.

    West Coast Movers
    October 29, 2018

    Best moving experience ever! The move went perfectly. The Atlas movers guys had excellent attention to detail, took great care with all of our stuff, and they had a great work ethic. We could not have expected a better moving experience. Their estimate was a little higher than some others but I just somehow knew Atlas movers would be great. Also, the total cost came in lower than the high-end of the estimate. Nice! We will definitely call them again for our next move. Thanks guys!

    Amanda Goll
    May 10, 2020

    This was the first time I had ever hired movers and was moving across the country. Both movers at pick up and drop off were fantastic and really went above and beyond. They took the time to listen to what I wanted/needed and were very efficient. No items were damaged and what was the most important to me was that the delivery date be met. I was worried about this move due to COVID, but was necessary for job relocation. I would highly recommend using this company- they do a lot of cross country moves for people hired to work at Google, Facebook and Amazon. They even recommended a very good car shipping company as well. Pricing was reasonable and service was excellent. I thought this move was going to be much more of a headache than it was- it went relatively flawlessly and made things so much less stressful!

    Kevin Marshall
    January 03, 2019

    Not sure how this company has this good a rating on google when its a 1 star on yelp. Must have some employees writing reviews. The communication, reliability and honesty are extremely poor. This is broker that will sell you a moving service, get the other company to do it and have very little interaction with you along the way. Was told that a semi would be used to pack our stuff into but a 26ft enterprise truck showed. The problem with this is things pack less efficiently into a smaller truck, increasing the square footage used and costing you more money. In terms of getting you stuff delivered, it will most likely go to a storage/consolidation site and moved off the original truck, into a storage area then eventually back onto a truck that will actually deliver it to you. The problem with this is that when I asked how to get my stuff the fastest is wasn't disclosed to me until about the 3rd person that I spoke with that this was what was happening and that it could take up to a month. The initial salesperson said nothing about this. So after placing the nonrefundable deposit was then I finally found this out. Then when I got my stuff, a bookshelf, dresser, nice leather couch looked like the truck dragged them behind it instead of being inside the truck. Just don't use this company, use one that will actually come into your home, do an inventory and not charge you by sq.ft. but by weight.

    US Atlas Movers

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    3160 S Valley View Blvd suite 204, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

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