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    A McGrath
    June 20, 2021

    Just all around incredibly bad experience here and I still forced myself to go like 5 times. Horrible advice on nutrition like it's the 1950's bad. More dismissive narrow minded and stubborn than any western MD. After a year of illness I have found much more closed minds and ego in alternative practioners than in the increasingly open minded western MDs. Well this is the place that finally made me stop trusting any alternative healers of any kind now. Very dismissive so incorrect, dangerously judgemental and incorrect all ego and so stubborn. When someone asks for water give them water dont do an hour long tedious interview full of contradictions and soap box speeches about why youre a loser because youre thirsty. jeez loueez who has that kind of tedious energy. holy smokes!!! side note also the girl who answers the phone hung up on me when I politely canceled an appointment. fact. Lol.

    Jean Kim
    November 27, 2020

    I would like to write a review from reading Tamara Dixons review. I just googled Wongu University and on the right side, there is a review column. I read it. So I want to also write a review. My name is Jean Kim, and I am a student of Wongu University. I have taken a class with Tamara Dixon who was also a student of Wongu University. I would like to share my perspective as a fellow student. It is unfortunate Tamara felt hurt and misunderstood during her experience as a student of Wongu University. With that being said...I take pride in where I get my education and care for the people in it. So I do not appreciate it when someone spreads noise pollution to the institution that I am attending. But...but...I understand..I understand we are all going through some tough times. I understand we are going through some emotional times. I understand we are transitioning to new social norms. I understand we had some losses. I understand we are all pushing through each and every day. We are all pushing to promote only positivity and light during this dark climate. So I understand. Life...right? So its easy for me to forgive you Tamara. I wish you happiness and good health. I’m thankful for coming across this review. Also, Im giving this review one star because I can.

    Tamara Dixon
    September 18, 2020

    I provided feedback to the university in hopes they would improve their services to students. The university was discontent with the feedback I provided as it was unfavorable and as a consequence I was subject to retaliation as well as told what I could or could not discuss on campus about my experiences at the university or share on social media. I was blocked from sharing my negative experiences and/or feedback on the university Facebook page and was asked to remove similar feedback from other social media sites. As a result, the glowing reviews on social media are misleading as the university appears to do everything in its power to see to it that negative feedback from students at the school is suppressed. The leading administrator, who has no license to practice western or Chinese medicine or pharmacy in the state, sent me unsolicited email(s) recommending I look into a drug that is banned in the state. I felt this conduct was irresponsible, reckless and unprofessional. I received subsequent emails from this individual that were bullying in nature, contained threats of expulsion and also appeared to be retaliatory. I had to solicit the intervention of external 3rd parties for assistance with the discriminatory treatment I was experiencing on the campus. I sought this assistance only after I had exhausted the internal grievance mechanisms of the university and the university demonstrated that it was incapable of self correcting the matters in house. While the university has the potential to be a leading institution in the healing arts, it is not living up to that potential at present.

    Allen B
    August 11, 2020

    Always pleasant atmosphere and the treatments I get really help with chronic pain from 34 yr old accident. Staff and students are awesome.

    Anita Shreve Lanier
    May 12, 2016

    I am an instructor here, but I can highly recommend this oriental medicine school to any college graduate considering a career in acupuncture.

    Wongu University of Oriental Medicine

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    8620 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA

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