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    Richard Engstrom
    May 13, 2021

    I'm so jealous that Zak has this place all to himself on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. I went about a week ago and had experiences with at least 5 different spirits. Two of those experiences I don't know would have happened had I not entered the rooms, but one of the rooms it wasn't announced what it was before we went in, the other I said I didn't want to enter but the tour guide told me to go in and I could leave just before she uncovered the object. The main spirit of that room communicated with me when I was well outside the room, not necessarily in a positive manner. I think if I had been allowed not to enter the room all together it wouldn't likely have happened. But hey you sign a release and what happens happens. The other room, we weren't told what it was before entering, it's one I would have sat out. But remembering what happened with the first spirit where I left the room before the group I decided it was maybe better just to stay in in the room now that I was in it and the item did physically effect me but thankfully not after I left the room. The other three spirit encounters I opened myself up for pretty much. They only do the late night tours two nights a week, I had visited in the day for the regular (VIP) tour and would like to come back sometime for the night. I do think the advice to do a regular visit before a late night visit is valid. There were objects I would like to have read their descriptions or seen them better but it was usually too dark. Many other items I couldn't look at in the hallways or what not because we didn't stop or had to pass quickly. There is a huge amount of stuff. Zak's mom was very nice. While I waited outside to get in I just thought maybe I would mainly be enjoying and appreciating all the small stuff that doesn't really get talked about but I truly had a mind blowing experience.

    Christine Bedford
    May 18, 2021

    I have never seen so many creepy things under one roof in my life. Tour guides are knowledgeable, professional and excellent at presenting information in each room. The house itself is gorgeous and majestic on its own. The museum pieces make it even more spectacular. From the just plain odd items to the downright haunted and cursed, there were so many pieces there wasn't enough time to truly appreciate and look at everything one time through. Very well curated rooms with exciting themes throughout. For the first 30 minutes or so I was very affected and fought back the urge to leave. My fight or flight response was strong. My chest was tight and heavy, it was hard to take a deep breath. I felt dizzy and like right before you pass out. I really wanted to bolt out the door and into the sun and fresh air so badly. Just before I did so, we got to a certain room (no spoilers so I won't say which) and I was finally able to breathe and calm my heart rate. Not sure what it was that got me or if it was the overall energy but it was very strong and real. A certain artifact had me spontaneously erupt with emotion. It took hours for me to be able to think or talk about it without crying. Definitely worth a peek inside!

    Andrea Staton
    August 07, 2021

    Amazing trip to Vegas and the museum! The guides were great and the artifacts were so creepy and well displayed. We went expecting to “feel” something and in fact we both felt a touch in different rooms. Personally, I was touched on the elbow in the room displaying the Natalie Wood artifacts. It was a gentle touch like someone reached out and gently touched my elbow. No one was behind me or near me. It wasn’t scary, but gentle. The VIP tour was worth it! I would recommend this experience to anyone!

    LaLanda Gilard
    October 31, 2020

    Loved it! Awesome museum. If you plan on going there, make sure you get the RIP pass to go into rooms the general admission doesn't allow. The basement, too spooky. Even got a chance to see Zak himself which is amazing! Next time I go here, I will definitely do the night tour. A+++++ Also, everyone is REALLY friendly and the tour guides are great!!

    Angie Ferguson
    May 11, 2021

    I knew this place was going to be amazing but it exceeded my expectations! If you are a sensitive, I highly recommend protective oils, or protective crystals in your pocket upon entering. The energy was extremely heavy in a lot of the rooms. Some had me feeling like I was on a Tilt-A-Whirl, others had me on the verge of vomiting. Obviously these items are extremely haunted, and not in your Casper the friendly ghost type of way. I also experienced hairs standing on end and smells.. cold and hot sensations and some touching, not from anyone living. You're not getting any spoilers from me, but TIP: Bring a single dollar bill with you, hopefully you're lucky enough to see why. No photos allowed inside the museum, except for the lobby. I don't blame Zak for this rule. He has way too much cool stuff and I wouldn't have it any other way either. I also recommend getting the RIP all access. Having this allows you to view and experience things general admission tickets do not. Yes it's worth it, plus you get a free t-shirt at the end. It took us a little over 2.5 hrs to go all the way through. We were here visiting from Illinois. Out of all the things to do in Vegas, this was definitely my favorite! Haunted is an understatement. If you are into the paranormal, YOU DO NOT want to miss this place, I promise! Zak, your collection is unbelievable. Well done!! I'm so glad I was finally able to experience this! All I can say is (un) holy s***!!

    Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

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    600 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA


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